Like many organisations, we hold and process a wide range of information, some of which relate to individuals who apply to work for us or who are working for us. This notice explains how we process the personal data of individuals applying for employment, internship or other related job application with us. By submitting a job, internship or other related job application to us, you warrant that you have read and understood this Policy.
  1. 1. What will we collect?

    To process your job, internship or scholarship application, Changi Travel Services Pte Ltd (“CTS”) will need to collect information containing personal data about you, such as your official name, biographical and contact information, language proficiency, professional memberships/certifications, scholarships/awards, National Service (NS), education, CCA (Co-Curricular Activities) and job history. We do not require your national identification number unless you are offered employment, internship or other job position with us.

  3. 2. Where will we collect information about you?

    In addition to the information you provide in your job, internship or scholarship application and curriculum vitae, CTS may also collect information through other sources for processing and evaluating your job, internship or scholarship application.

  5. 3. What will we use the information for?

    The information held by CTS relating to you will be kept confidential, under secure conditions, and disposed of when the information has served its purpose. We will use the information we collect about you for:
    • Facilitating the evaluation and processing of your job, internship or scholarship application;
    • Job, internship or scholarship interviews;
    • Conducting reference and other background checks;
    • Contacting you on alternative/future job opportunities and the outcome of your job, internship or scholarship application;
    • Fulfilling regulatory reporting or disclosure requirements;
    • If your application is successful, administrating your employment, internship or scholarship; and
    • Dealing with any matter which may arise in connection with your application.
    In the event that you are offered employment, internship or other related job with CTS, we will use your information for other purposes stated in our letter of appointment or letter of offer.

  7. 4. Who will you give my information to?

    Where necessary, CTS may provide your information to Ministries, public agencies, statutory boards or similar organisations. CTS may also provide and/or transfer your information, whether in Singapore or elsewhere, to other companies within the CTS Group and any third-party service provider who provides administrating, data processing, IT or other services to CTS.

  9. 5. How do I know my information is safe?

    Your information will be kept confidential and stored under secure conditions. We will dispose of your personal information within a reasonable time if continued storage no longer serves any relevant purpose such as regulatory or auditing requirements.

  11. 6. Anything else I need to know about?

    You are responsible for ensuring that the information you supply to CTS is correct and true. Where you provide information about another person to CTS, you are also responsible for making sure that you have valid authority to do so. To maximise your opportunities to work with CTS, you are required to keep your information up to date at all times.

  13. 7. What if I change my mind or have additional questions?

    You can withdraw your consent anytime. For more information, please contact If you need to speak with our Data Protection Officer, please write to

Updated as of 20 January 2022.